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Library/code for a CAD program in wxPython

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2/18/06, Don Taylor <nospamformeSVP (AT) gmail (DOT) comwrote:

Christopher Barker wrote:

Don Taylor wrote:


>Thanks Chris. I think that making a new front-end for pythoncad is a

>bit beyond me at this time. Maybe later.



Well, if that's beyond you then building one from scratch sure is!

Unless you are considering a very, very small subset of CAD

functionality. What features do you need?

Well, it is can be very simple from a CAD point of view: just some

means to draw or specify the 2D shape of the sail and it's properties

(draft and twist). The program then computes the shapes of the panels

of cloth that you need to make up that sail. I have an existing program

written in Visual Basic that I was planning to translate/rewrite into

Python/wxPython and that does not use a sophisticated graphics package.

However I might start over again and at that time it might make sense to

start from pythoncad.


If you want to output dxf files, you might have a look at my sdxf project:


I'm planning an update soon which will support xrefs (external references).

A wx port of pythoncad would be very nice. (It could even be based on

Chris' FloatCanvas.) I'm sure a lot of people would like it. I'd be

happy to be a beta tester.

Chris, I understand that you chose Numeric for speed issues. However

it makes it puts a higher treshold and prevents the control from being

generally usable. When for example writing the uml view for SPE, I

thought of using the control, but of course it would be too much to

ask SPE users to install Numeric. It would be nice if the Numeric

support would be optional (for simple graphics without Numeric).


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